Located in Mosier, Oregon
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Riverside is a fresh, Italian restaurant with quality food. It has a breathtaking view of the Columbia River from the dining room. There is also an outdoor deck and patio with outdoor seating and the same lovely river view. It is truly a beautiful place to dine and enjoy delicious food and a beautiful view with family and friends. Riverside has been serving and pleasing the locals and visitors since 1960. The Chef, Mark DeResta, focuses on simple and fresh recipes. The menu changes often because he focuses on making what is fresh, best, and in season for his guests.

There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Breakfast while watching the sunrise by the river is a view that you won't want to miss. Riverside is aware of unique needs and has many gluten free breakfast options so that every guest can start their day off in the right way. Breakfast is served weekdays 6 am-11am and on weekends until noon.

There are some amazing lunch options available at the Riverside. Salads, soups, sandwiches, and burgers. Some popular options include the Reuben with Housemade Corned Beef or the Short Bib Tacos. Lunch is served weekdays 11 am-4 pm and weekends 12 pm-4 pm.

Dinner at the Riverside goes from 4 pm-9 pm. There are some amazing starters, vegetable based pastas, and main dishes. There is also a plant based menu for guests who may prefer that. Riverside is a great place to dine! 


Explore the majesty of our properties and enjoy the unforgettable experience!

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